Att present, Unitel Invest is working with two specific projects, in which we invite equity participation.
One of these projects is:

AniTelCo Pty. Ltd.
AniTelCo is an Australian company that has acquired the rights to several exciting telecommunications distribution, content and control technologies. The technologies are all proven and operating on a stand alone basis in Europe and/or in the United States. Together they provide an added benefit and become a complete broadband and content distribution system with significant advantages in operating efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our technologies are especially suited for the geographical markets, such as Australia that have a demand for last mile, cost efficient solutions in the broadband arena and we are now also deploying them in a number of Eastern European emerging countries.

AniTelCo has secured several highly sophisticated and contemporary technology platforms based around wireless networks, content management services, and usage/content billing platforms. These technologies can be readily combined with our licensed innovative wireless mesh network and can, in a very cost efficient and effective way, deliver various types and large volumes of information to markets with growing demand for such services.

In short, AniTelCo is capable of building its own infrastructure and supplying high quality, wide bandwidth, broadband solutions to residential and commercial users, that otherwise would not have access to such a service or have a service that is either operationally deficient or too costly. In addition, AniTelCo offers a number of applications, such as video on demand and voice over IP, that can be bundled with our broadband service. The opportunity exists in the Australian, Asian and Eastern European markets specifically due to the lack of availability of these types of technologies in these growth areas at a reasonable cost at high quality. AniTelCo has the ability to deliver services in the following key areas;

· Last mile wireless data delivery, avoiding the limitations of the ULL (Uninterrupted Local Loop)
· IP managed bi-directional content, as opposed to ‘push’ or ‘partial interactive’ content control
· Robust billing platform, unlike many in the telco industry, where billing platforms have intrinsic integrity issues

Through our own proprietary protocols and techniques, together with our partnering arrangements with some of the world’s leading technology developers in areas such as Bluetooth and Mesh wireless networks, VoIP (Voice over IP) and VoD (Video on Demand) content delivery systems, AniTelCo has secured a sound platform for delivering a unique service throughout these markets with high quality of service, in a most cost efficient manner.

Even though AniTelCo will be delivering several significant installations in Poland and in Serbia and over time in several other former Central and Eastern European countries, Management sees Australia as a core market and expects to build a sound base for the technologies here, partly because of its proven demand and supported by the Federal Government broadband roll-out financial support programs currently being offered in Australia.

In Australia, the new Labor Federal Government has announced a telecommunications initiative which will provide up to $4.7b in funding, with the private sector, over 5 years, to connect 98 % of all Australians to high speed bandwidth. Labor’s policy will allow small business, particularly in regional areas to access:

· Teleworking and remote access enabling a more flexible workplace;
· Online stock ordering and management logistic services;
· Cheaper internet based phone calls (VOIP) enabling significant cost savings;
· Virtual Private Networks and Wide Area Networks
· Centralisation of small business resources improving resources and cost cutting
· Low cost video-conferencing services saving on transport costs; and
· Off-site managed backup and recovery services of valuable data for small businesses
· providing improved security and peace of mind

The new technologies and applications that AniTelCo has secured the rights for are ideally placed
to satisfy many of the requirements that the new Government has targeted, and are particularly
suited for the regional and rural areas of Australia for which much of this initiative is aimed.

To provide a complete package of wireless broadband, IP based telecommunications, public internet access and multi-media services to our targeted growth areas and build up our own end user customer base, or service our partner's customer base.

Utilizing the strong synergy, efficiency gains, and commercial benefits of bringing together independently proven exclusive telecom technologies, the core strategy of AniTelCo is to develop, market and distribute unique and cost efficient wireless broadband and internet service solutions to end users on a selected international basis under the trade names “AniTelCo” (for creation and operation of wireless broadband networks) and “AniMedia” (for creation and dissemination of multimedia

In summary the AniTelCo and AniMedia technologies presently are;

· Meshed high speed wireless broadband access networks
· Public-access, pay-as-you-go, internet access terminal systems - iSpot (predominately for emerging markets)
· Multimedia platform for IPTV and other media
· Voice over IP (VOIP) network system
· Hardware to support these services
· Software solutions for media management and reporting, traffic surveillance, billing and management etc

The core strategy aligns with the anticipated vast growth potential of wireless broadband communications and the expected wide proliferation of multimedia services throughout primarily in the emerging markets but also in the more mature markets in our targeted regions. With our core funding in place for our initial operations and with our exceptionally well connected
and highly experienced team of professionals, AniTelCo is confident that its business plans will be executed with precision and its business plan forecasts will be met as we further penetrate our markets as planned.

Five year financial forecasts for the period to 2013 based on the projected business, commencing in Australia, Serbia, Spain and Poland, through AniTelCo and our wholly or partly owned local operating companies in the markets where we currently have a presence have now been produced. We would expect to be generating income from additional markets outside of Australia, Poland, Spain and Serbia towards the end of the projection period following a proper and well executed due diligence and project planning. The complete Information Document detailing the investment opportunity is available upon
written request from Unitel Invest.

Investment invitations as well as investment documentation are shown as separate pages below. Financial Position
The company is currently sustained by the financial support of Unitel Invest. Unitel Invest has provided an operational fund to ensure the initial establishment of the business, as well as first year operating financial requirements.
An additional financial opportunity for the business lies in telecommunications technologies generally and the company’s ability particularly to access and leverage the recently announced Australian as well as Asian Government funding programs through the introduction of the varied wireless and media technologies secured by its parent, Unitel Invest.
These Government funds will amount to some $1.5b in Australia alone, including investment in wireless technology to areas heretofore not served, including both cities, suburban and rural areas.

The Government expects to leverage its public investment at a ratio of 2:1, thereby providing an ideal opportunity rarely seen for private investment to directly access both Government (locally, nationally and globally) support as well as rapidly increasing market demand in a sector that is expected to grow at a significant rate. Each of these funding opportunities is ideally matched to the technologies currently available to AniTelCo, and each of these technologies is already well established in mature European markets or represents a significant leapfrog of the state of the art, ensuring minimal risk or a high profile for both private and public investment.

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