Unitel Invest - News 2009

Unitel has received request from several private and public institutions to supply them with interesting nvestment projects, both for investments in form of equity and in form of debt. Unitel will therefore, starting the fourth quarter of 2009, offer companies in need of capital their services.

Unitel has been requested to finance and build a telecom system in Senegal.

EcoloComm (a company in Unitel Invest Group) presents their "Home Energy Generation" concept. EcoloComm will thus offer a complete solution for energy requirement (both electricity and heating), also for single family homes as a combination of solar power, earth heating and wind power.

AniTelCo (a company in Unitel Invest Group) has been asked to provide Mallorca (Spain) with better Internet connection opportunities for turists. AniTelCo will present their solution in February of 2009.