Business Area

Wireless telecommunications
Together with our strategic partners we have created a company which can offer complete wireless telecommunications solutions from the national level down to supply to the private sector. These solutions include:

1. Long-distance wireless transmission access, using modern technology with speeds of up to155 Mbps per link, and at single-hop distances of up to 70 km, which can be sequentially connected to provide high-speed links up to 1000 km with very low latency.

2. Medium-distance wireless mesh systems, based on 802.11a/n technology. These systems provide wireless extensions of the internet, and can be linked both serially and in parallel to provide blanket coverage of a large area. The mesh network systems can provide internal internet speeds up to 200 Mbps. These systems are intermeshed and therefore selfhealing,
allow unbroken flow of communications even with partial breakdown in the system.

3. Built-in internet telephony, so-called VoIP (Voice over IP), which provides inexpensive and wide voice and video transmission to large numbers of users over the above transmission systems.

4. Built-in capability to provide so-called VoD(Video on Demand) services, thus providing TV, films, live events directly over the wireless internet system.

5. A complete billing and management system for the above applications for up to a million simultaneous users.

Clean Energy
To satisfy the increasing demand in ecologically-friendly energy, we, together with strategic partners, have secured the rights to multiple technologies, including:

1. Drill technologies – a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system well suited to heat or cool large buildings. More than 400,000 GSHP installations have been created in Northern Europe. We have obtained an exclusive license for this technology for Australia and Asia and the former Eastern European countries for what we believe to be the most efficient and effective GSHP system available.

2. Sol technologies – Through a strategic partnership with a highly-specialised company developing solar panel projects in Europe, we have the know-how to design, build and operating solar parks, and have received a license to do so exclusively in Australia and Asia,and a partnership to go forward in Europe, where more than 10 large projects are already underway.

3. Wind technologies – We have secured the Australian, Asian and Eastern European rights for a technology that is now ready for commercialisation, and where tests have shown output generation at levels up to 30% higher than current technology. This technology is fully scalable and can also be used in hydroelectric applications.

4. Other technologies – A constant flow of smaller, niche technologies with significant environmental impact is available. As an example, we have been offered the rights to a uranium filter which tracks and catches polluting uranium salts that are a problem in mining operations. Another example is a new energy grass which has been developed which gives two harvests per year and can be formed into energy pellets, thus giving a renewable and inexpensive fuel source.

The above projects are examples of the type of activities engaged in by Unitel Invest. Others shall be forthcoming in the near future. The two business areas here shown have now been formulated into two separate companies, with the necessary team skills and technologies available to assure their ongoing success. All necessary agreements and licenses have been arranged for, and seed funding has been provided by Unitel Invest. These projects are presented in detail, along with an invitation to participate in the first-round funding, under the page Opportunities.

More Buisess Areas will be added but until then feel free to contact us for more information.