About Us

Unitelinvest is a multi-national corporation based in the United Kingdom, with offices in the USA, Australia, Mallorca and Sweden. Our business idea is to identify, locate and initially capitalise emerging technology businesses, and to provide the infrastructure and organisational management necessary to secure first-round and subsequent financing for these.

Our mission
Unitelinvest is focused on three missions:

1. identify and locate interesting businesses and projects which have the potential to become interesting players in the area of emerging technology

2. to provide these businesses with start capital, management expertise and marketing support to enable them to initially grow and establish a bona fide international market presence

3. to arrange for first-round and institutional funding as required in order to allow these businesses to reach their full potential and give a good return on investment as well as to create products and services which contribute to world development.

Strategic partnerships
Unitelinvest has created an international network of strategic partnerships which can provide technical products, organisational expertise and the equity capital necessary to allow intereseting companies to grow. Our partnerships can be found, amongst others, in the following areas:

1. Wireless communications
2. Media
3. Energy and conservation
4. Real estate
5. Management and project management
6. Equity capital

How we work
Once a business area of interest has been identified, Unitelinvest normally forms a corporate entity to exploit that business opportunity. Unitelinvest normally utilises at least four stages in financing of each project/company, as follows:

1. Introductory stage
After identification of the business opportunity, Unitelinvest does the initial financing with its own capital, often even before the technology is completely developed and/or introduced to the marketplace. In this stage Unitelinvest Is the majority investment and owner.

2. Development stage
When the development work is established and stabilised, and when Unitelinvest feels comfortable with the technology, the strength and capabilities of the founding personnel and the strength and size of the future market, Unitelinvest then invites external investors to participate in the new company. This is normally done by Unitelinvest selling a portion of their own shares in order to widen the ownership in the company. This frees up capital for Unitelinvest operations and new investments in other emerging projects and companies. In contrast to other early investment companies, however, Unitelinvest at this stage focuses on offering these shares to smaller private investors instead of angel or institutional investors. Even though this method costs more and requires more time and energy, Unitelinvest has chosen this approach for two reasons:

a) Since Unitelinvest has as its goal to list each of its companies so as to give them access to expansion capital, it is more advantageous to have a number of small investors than only a few large owners.

b) The owners and managers of Unitelinvest believe that there exist too few possibilities for private investors to invest smaller amounts of capital in companies and technologies they believe in before the companies have already been listed.

3. Pre-IPO capitalisation
As soon as it is practical and financially correct to do so, Unitelinvest assists its companies in taking the step to listing on an international stock exchange. The first step in doing so is to carry out a pre-IPO capitalisation at an attractive level.

4. Listing of the company
The final step is of course the financing of the company in conjunction with listing..